Bring Back Your Favorite Memories
Transfer generations of home movies to DVD and share with family & friends online.
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Step 1

Drop off your tapes and films at any CVS Photo Counter. Save time by filling out an order form here.

Videotapes to DVD $25.99 per 2-hour tape

Movie Films to DVD From $25.99

Prints, Slides, Negatives to DVD From $25.99

Digital Media to DVD or Blu-Ray From $25.99

Step 2

We professionally transfer your memories to digital masterpieces.

* Custom theme & background music

* Chapter menus

* Music video highlights

* Private account to view, edit & share online

Step 3

Pick up at CVS.

In about 3-4 weeks your new DVD and originals will be ready for pick up at the CVS Photo Counter or shipped back to you if you ordered online.