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Price List

Video to DVD
$25.99 for the first 2 hours
Additional Footage
$25.99 per 2 hours
Videotape Repair
PAL Format
Extra Tape Merged
Film to DVD
$25.99 for the first 50 feet
Additional Feet
$0.34 per foot
Original Audio
Film Cleaning and Repair
Photos to DVD
$25.99 for the first 30 photos
Additional Photos
$0.49 per photo
Slides to DVD
$25.99 for the first 30 slides
Additional Slides
$0.49 per slide
Negatives to DVD
$25.99 for the first 30 negatives
Additional Negatives
$0.49 per negative

Each frame in the negative strip counts as a single negative.

Digital Media Transfer
$25.99 for first 90 minutes
Additional Minutes
$25.99 per 90 minutes
Digital Media to Blu-Ray
$33.99 for first 90 minutes
Additional Minutes
$33.99 per 90 minutes
Digital Copy with MemoryCloud Online Access
Additional Copies
At the time of Original Transfer
$9.99 per DVD, $13.99 per Blu-ray
Within 60 Days of Original Transfer through MemoryCloud
$10.99 per DVD, $14.99 per Blu-ray, $14.99 per USB

The transfer price includes your memories transferred to a personalized DVD and a Digital Copy with MemoryCloud where you can view, download, order copies, and save your memories to Google Photos. For video transfer, the price also includes videotape repairs (case replacement and ribbon splicing), and mold cleaning. For film transfer, the price includes cleaning, mold removal, splicing, and repair of any broken film; reduction of scratches, dust, and dirt on your film; and combining your film onto 7-inch plastic reels. For more information, please see the
What do I get with my Home Movie and Photo Transfer order? FAQ.

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